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  • 005We can provide a complete service for laminating cylinders ranging from flat, convex or concave table grinding with various degrees of surface finishes and chrome-plating including cylinder rod repair work such as remetalising, construction and assembly of bearing and water-proofing rings etc. through to the supply of the complete cylinder.
    Over the many years we have been serving our customers, some of them our loyal clients for over forty years, we have had to tackle a number of issues related to this type of processing on various types of metals and non-metals. As regards the support bushings, which are still assembled on certain types of rolling mills, we are able to recondition the worn sliding seat applying or replacing the layer of antifriction metal or even supply new parts when the bushing is excessively damaged or broken.
    Destructive and non-destructive tests such as hardness tests, ultrasound tests, with penetrating liquids and with surface chemical aggression, normally run during the various process phases, let us ensure the highest level of quality for our customers
  • 006We supply the complete roll for calender cylinders, or replace and recondition the external coating with any type of fibrous, composite or polymer material. We are also able to repair or replace rods, and supply gears or other replacement parts produced to customer drawings or samples.
    We have gained extensive experience over the years on the defects which can occur when using rollers and, by designing customised metallic components, selecting the type of coating and the application techniques and running on-site tests, we are able to prevent the onset of malfunctions during use.
    Excellent quality selected materials allow us to produce cylinders with consistent colours, hardness, elasticity and absorbance.Our large raw material warehouse allows us to quickly meet our customers’ demands.